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In the real world, data is constantly changing. Our solutions are designed to continuously adapt via novel semi-supervised evolutionary strategies.

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IM Perception Platform

With a focus on active learning and robust APIs, our perception platform automates the full train-deploy-improve cycle. Make quality effortless.
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hCaptcha Security Suite

hCaptcha is the leading privacy-first Security AI platform. Enterprises of all sizes use it to protect hundreds of millions of people around the world.
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We solve hard problems in new ways.

Private Learning is a Revolution in Security ML

Learn why over 60% of the top online payment processors choose hCaptcha Enterprise to detect fraud and abuse. Our models deliver unparalleled precision with nearly zero false positives and no PII.
Run it on the web, in apps, or entirely server-side.

Risk Insights Powers Analysis and Your Own ML

A novel approach to signal enrichment, our scoped and blinded signals help your ML models stay compliant with global privacy laws while benefiting from our unique detection and risk analysis.

When you need to find advanced fraud and abuse, we can help.
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